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(Please select the session that is your top choice and indicate later on the form if you are flexible to attend a different session if needed).

important dates:

session 1

(April 26–May 2, 2020)

The online application is not available on mobile devices. Please visit this page via desktop to complete and submit your application.

Thank you!

Submit application online before October 1, 2019 at 1:00 PM (Interviews for candidates considered for selection will follow.).

  If the deadline has passed applications will be reviewed if there is still space        available on the trip. Please inquire at tesoroproject.gmail.com

Team Selection: by November 1, 2019 for April trip and mid-January 2020 for August team

Approximate cost of trip: $1500 plus airfare. Group tickets will be purchased and range from $500-900. It is strongly advised that you travel with the group or you may incur additional charges for your transportation needs. Please note on your application whether you plan to travel with the group or not, and if not what is the reason.

November 4, 2019- $500 Non-refundable deposit due (by noon to Tesoro Project) to hold your spot. If  your payment is not received by this time you may lose your spot to someone on the waitlist.

November-March- Personal/Group Fundraising

December 13- $500 2nd non-refundable deposit due

January 30- $500 due non-refundable

March 1- Rest of the money due (approximately $500-900). A partial refund may be available if requested prior to 6 weeks of your scheduled departure. 

session 2

(August 23–August 29, 2020)

Please submit your application by October 1 to help with planning for the year.

  If the deadline has passed applications will be reviewed if there is still space        available on the trip. Please inquire at tesoroproject.gmail.com

February 1- $500 non-refundable deposit

April 1- $500 non-refundable deposit

May 1- $500 non-refundable deposit due

June 1- Rest of money due (approximately $500-900).


Any leadership position held?
Could you serve as a spanish translator?
Have you ever participated in any international service trips?

 (If yes - skip essay questions)

Have you previously served on a Tesoro Project trip

Please write a brief description of why you are interested in attending this service trip?  Please include if you have any special talents, interests, or skills that could be utilized. 

Volunteering to participate in this trip has the following conditions:

  • The organization that we serve with is called Potter’s House Association International. Please take a moment to view the following website: www.pottershouse.org.gt to get an understanding of the organization that we have been partnering with for the past 6 years. It is very important to respect their mission, values and goals while serving alongside during our week in Guatemala.

  • Making a commitment to participate on this trip may result in you needing to do        personal fundraising to cover your cost of the trip. This could include asking for donations of materials and supplies we could bring with us or monetary donations from family and friends to cover your expenses.


  • There will be 3-4 sessions for group training prior to departure that will prepare a    student/clinician for conditions that will be encountered while on the service trip. It is  expected that if you are accepted on this service trip that you will participate in this training for your safety and for promoting group dynamics. Each session will meet once per month typically on the first Thursday or Friday evening from 6-8 pm from January-April or May-August. If you live remotely from the Austin location we can arrange for you to Skype into the meeting.


  • Non-Refundable Deposit. Tesoro Project incurs significant non-refundable expenses on your behalf prior to the trip, including airfare and accommodations. The $1500 deposit required to secure your place on the trip is used to cover those expenses, and therefore these deposits are non-refundable. Your signature on this application is your acknowledgement and agreement that the $1500 deposit for this trip is non-refundable.​ 

Do you agree make attending these meetings a priority?
Would you have any problems with the above requirements?

**To complete the application and be considered for a spot on the service-trip you must:**

1) submit a picture of your passport with passport #, name, date of birth, and expiration date

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2) sign a copy of the liability waiver

Press the button to download the waiver, fill it out, then save it and upload the file to application

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3) Pay 25$ application fee

Press the button to open the link then select "application fee" under campaign.

I understand and agree to the terms and conditions stated in this application: