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apply here!

**If a trip is not full by the time the deadline occurs, we will continue accepting applications until the trip is full. We are currently taking trips of 15 participants per location. We work in both Guatemala City and Chiquimula, Guatemala. We are planning on 30 participants for the April trip and 30 for the August trip, at this time. If we have more than 30 applicants, priority will be given to those with more experience. The timing between your acceptance on the trip and the actual trip allows for you to participate in fundraising efforts and our pre-departure trainings.**

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** we are not longer requiring interviews **


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Upon successful completion of the application and acceptance for the trip, you’ll receive an acceptance email from us with instructions and dates for trip payments.

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Prior to your departure, you will be required to participate in several face to face/skype sessions with your team to best prepare you for your experience. This will involve details regarding our procedures, packing lists, simulation for in the field experience, and trip preparations. We want to make sure the experience is successful and that you represent TP and the patients we will be treating in the best way.


pre-departure training

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Have an unforgettable experience volunteering while making a lasting impact in the TESOROS of Guatemala.

make a difference

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Tesoro is a 501(c)(3) organization


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