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volunteer application Session 2

(August 24th- August 31st, 2024)

Submit application online before June 1, 2024 

  If the deadline has passed applications will be reviewed if there is still space        available on the trip. Please inquire at

°First payment of $1200 due by June 1st.

°Second payment of $1200 due by July 1st

Approximate cost of trip: $2400 plus airfare. Group tickets will be purchased by Tesoro project for all trip participants. For more information on flights and cost, please refer to the trip participant guide below.​

**If you wish to purchase trip cancellation insurance, you will need to do so at the time of your first deposit. Tesoro Project recommends that trip participants consider purchasing an individual trip cancellation policy at the time of the initial deposit, which would cover the trip costs (plan dependent) should someone have to back out of the trip for an unexpected emergency. Many plans can be found online, but one plan that offers trip cancellation insurance for any reason can be found at It will be your responsibility to know what plan you are purchasing and understand how it works**

Any leadership position held?
Could you serve as a spanish translator?
Have you ever participated in any international service trips?

 (If yes - skip essay questions)

Have you previously served on a Tesoro Project trip

Please write a brief description of why you are interested in attending this service trip?  Please include if you have any special talents, interests, or skills that could be utilized. 

Volunteering to participate in this trip has the following conditions:

  • The organization that we serve with is called Potter’s House Association International. Please take a moment to view the following website: to get an understanding of the organization that we have been partnering with for the past 8 years. It is very important to respect their mission, values and goals while serving alongside during our week in Guatemala.

  • There will be 3-4 sessions for group training prior to departure that will prepare a    student/clinician for conditions that will be encountered while on the service trip. It is  expected that if you are accepted on this service trip that you will participate in this training for your safety and for promoting group dynamics. Session dates will be determined by the trip coordinator and be delivered in a virtual format until further notice.

  • Non-Refundable Deposit. Tesoro Project incurs significant non-refundable expenses on your behalf prior to the trip, including airfare and accommodations. The first payment of $1200 is used to secure your place on the trip and is used to cover those expenses and, therefore, these deposits are non-refundable. Your signature on this application is your acknowledgement and agreement that the $1200 deposit for this trip is non-refundable.​ Additional information on payments and trip cancellation policies, please reference to the trip participant guide.

Would you have any problems with the above requirements?

** To submit the application and be considered for a spot on the service-trip you must ** complete the below section:

1) Do you have a current passport (will not expire prior to 6 months of your returning into USA?)

(If yes, input information)

2) Download review and acknowledge the liability waiver.

Press the button to download the waiver, Once reviewed select the checkbox to show that you have read and agree to the waiver.

3) Download and review the trip participant guide

Press the button to download the guide, Once reviewed select the checkbox to show that you have read the guide.

I understand and agree to the terms and conditions stated in this application:

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